ul. Bursztynowa 17, 72-­350 Niechorze

Restaurant Niechorze

Bursztynowa 17 – the tastiest address in Niechorze!

A restaurant, cafe and pizzeria that is second to none in the area! The perfectly composed menu is a response to the expectations of real gourmets of seaside cuisine, lovers of classic Mediterranean and American dishes, as well as supporters of fancy and heavenly delicious desserts. We prepare all our dishes with special care for nutritional values ​​and food without flavor enhancers and preservatives. The combination of unique recipes, aromatic spices and care for health – this is the quality we offer our guests every day!


Café and ice cream shop


Modern Polish cuisine – fish and meat dishes

A sea of ​​flavors and portions for a truly Big Appetite. The undisputed king of the Baltic Sea – cod – rules at Bursztynowa 17. You will find it here in several versions, the classic fried version, stewed with vegetables, baked with garlic and lemon or Fish & Chips.

Do you prefer chicken in sauce or breadcrumbs? Check out dinner sets in which chicken plays the main role. Each fish and meat set at an attractive price together with fries, roasted potatoes and salad.

Italian cuisine at its best – Niechorze / Rewal

Quick and extremely delicious. This is the perfect characterization of our best world cuisine classics. Lunch with the family, a quick getaway from the beach or an evening dinner with friends? Pizza with a delicate dough according to an original recipe. Believing the opinions of our guests – the best pizzeria in Niechorze.

A wide range of crunchy snacks – classic fries, sweet potato fries, breaded chicken, casseroles and Italian bruschetta. In addition, home-made mega-burgers with 200 grams of beef could not be missing. And for fans of Italian cuisine, pasta compositions in aromatic sauces, classic and baked.

The world of desserts at Bursztynowa 17

It has been known for a long time that we have a separate stomach for dessert! Therefore, after a delicious dinner, there can only be one direction – dessert a’la Bursztynowa. Favorite seaside proposals popular among children and adults.

Waffles with fruit, whipped cream or slightly more original versions such as Oreo or waffles with cottage cheese. Ice packs for warm holiday afternoons in many sophisticated compositions and flavors. In addition, sweet pancakes, as well as the flagship of our restaurant – homemade cakes according to the best recipes – apple pie, cheesecake and tarts. All sweet!

Sophisticated list of drinks – alcoholic and non-alcoholic

Bursztynowa is full of amazingly delicious drinks, including non-alcoholic versions. While staying with us, be sure to try at least one of our cocktail proposals. But be warned, try it once and you’ll be back for more!

Alcoholic variations for long evenings – over 20 different compositions prepared by a seasoned and experienced bartender. In addition, a wide range of non-alcoholic drinks – milk shakes, bubble tea, lemonades, hot chocolates, as well as non-alcoholic drinks – Mohito, Blue Lagoon or Aperol Spritz. With us, everyone will find something perfectly suited to them.


Apartamenty Bursztynowa 17
ul. Bursztynowa 17A
72-350 Niechorze
tel. +48 510 111 737
e-mail: rezerwacja@bursztynowa17.pl
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